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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Hate Drexel Wireless

Sometimes, something looks great in theory. Sometimes, it looks fantastic. Then, when you pop the hood and go to play with the noodles and doodles inside, you realize that you've been hit with a lemon.

Drexel was recognized recently for the fact that the entire campus has wireless net, which I've been taking advantage of by sitting in my room updating Pylon nonstop, or at least when I feel like it. Anyway, the point being that I figured if it was so reknowned, it had to be the one that crashed the least, right? It couldn't possibly be a single faced award, right?

Well, today is the second day that my dorm can't get the wireless. After an inch of snow. Two days down and counting. I'm sitting right now next to the wireless room, because the coverage elsewhere ranges from alright to horrible to black hole. It's awful. I hate it. And it is getting on my goddamn nerves, because some days I'm doing homework online when *slam* network goes down.

Now, I don't know about you, but when if I spent a lot of money creating and maintaining a damn wireless network, and I had plenty of computer engineers around to help me, you'd figure that my network wouldn't crash, right? Drexel proves me wrong again. Apparantly, well-trained goldfish runs this network, since it is down more often that not. I wish I was kidding you.

Words fail me when I realize that despite state of the art technology and a small army of college students, Drexel's wireless is down, even on warm, sunny days, the kind of days when the network could only crash if some idiot pulls the power cable. Unfortunately, I think some idiot does do that, and quite often, because one fine afternoon I found my wireless was gone. Thanks a lot.

And it's scary, because Drexel has at least a million and one offenses that can get you booted off their network. When I can't get on, I wonder what they are doing. Did I do something wrong? I'll be honest, all I use the internet for is to upload a Pylon comic and to look up my homework. The other day, one of my floormates was using Bittorrent to illegally download porn to his computer. I figure if I'm banned, that guy is practical fodder for them.

Side note here, Drexel caught and expelled 17 student for illegal file sharing of music or what not. Good job guys. Guess you missed the 72 people ALONE who I've witnessed using illegal file sharing and what not. And that's just what I witnessed. Probably everyone in my dorm, heck, everyone in the stupid campus is doing it. That's around 1000 or so students, at least. I figure 17 is a very very very small percentage of that total student body.

Back on topic, I really have no idea why in all hell Drexel's wireless goes down so often. Despite all the tech and knowledge they've accumulated, they run a network that makes Tibet look like the leading edge of technology and science. In summary:



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