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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Been a while...

So... it's been a while since Pylon's been updating. It looks like we're back in the clear. I removed the stinking pile that was the tagboard, I fixed the glitch where the Keenspot brand wasn't on the page, I've been messing with actually hand inking the strips (it don't look too pretty, but cut me some slack, I'm still playing around with it), and the update ftp on Comicgen is finally healthy again.

So, it looks like everything's gonna turn out alright.

So, all you people who were worried that Pylon was ending (all 3 of you), relax. Barring the apocalypse and the four horsemen riding in on a golden chariot while the universe collapses into a gigantic black hole, it'll be updating.

Now, any bets on how long this lasts?


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