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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Old Ways...

Comicgen has a new way to update. Instead of using a ftp program to upload a picture, and then updating, you can use a nifty litttle device that uploads and posts the comic in one fell swoop.

But, I haven't used it once. I don't particularly like it much. I liked using SmartFTP to upload everything, and THEN going and updating the page. Using FTP made me feel like I'd accomplished something, that I had most definitely updated beyond all doubt. Now... I feel like I could throw anything up there real quick, and it'd be the same. I feel like it cheapens the process somehow.

I suppose it does attract newcomers, though. More people will sign up because it's easier and simpler than before. But still...

Anyway, I guess the entire thing is a moot point anyway, since Comicgen supports both methods. Eh, whatever.


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